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This map shows predicted levels of belonging for local areas.  


A sense of belonging in the places we live is important for everyone, and an important element of local social life.


There is evidence of a link between wellbeing, belonging and attachment to place. Belonging is complex, but it is a basic human need. The lack of belonging can explain why newcomers to an area may fail to feel at ‘home’; and why people can experience loneliness and isolation.


How the map works

Output Areas are coloured on a scale to indicate predicted levels of belonging.

Darker orange indicates higher levels of belonging.


The results have been calculated by combining responses about how strongly residents felt about the following statements from the Understanding Society Survey:

  • “I feel like I belong to this neighbourhood”

  • “I plan to remain resident of this neighbourhood for a number of years”.

As an example, this map shows predicted levels of belonging in the London Borough of Hackney. 

London Borough of Hackney

Data sources

Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Waves 1-9, 2008-2016: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Output Area Classification. SN 7639

Understanding Society, Waves 1-6, 2009-2015: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Output Area Classification. SN 7629      

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