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Links with neighbours

This map illustrates the predicted strength of local social relationships in an area. 


Good relationships between neighbours, and a range of local activities and places that bring people together are key to thriving communities.


There is evidence that the amount and quality of social connections with people around us are an essential part of our wellbeing. Research has also demonstrated that people with supportive friends and family, and who take part in groups and associations, generally have better mental and physical health.


How the map works

Output Areas are coloured on a scale to indicate predicted local social relationships.

Darker orange indicates higher levels of belonging.

The results have been calculated by combining responses to the following questions, all from the Understanding Society Survey: 

  • “The friendships and associations I have with other people in my neighbourhood mean a lot to me"

  • “I borrow things and exchange favours with my neighbours"

  • “I regularly stop and talk with people in my neighbourhood” 

  •  “If I needed advice about something I could go to someone in my neighbourhood" 

  •  “People in this neighbourhood can be trusted".


As an example, the map below shows the strength of predicted links with neighbours in the London Borough of Harrow.

London Borough of Harrow

Data sources

Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Waves 1-9, 2008-2016: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Output Area Classification. SN 7639

Understanding Society, Waves 1-6, 2009-2015: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Output Area Classification. SN 7629      

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