Take a look at a range of different examples of best practice in creating places that are socially sustainable. 

FIELD was a temporary co-working incubator space for local entrepreneurs located in a space which was created on the site of the Preston Barracks redevelopment in Brighton.

Location: Brighton, UK

FIELD House temporary incubator

The Heartlands in Cornwall is a new neighbourhood in Pool that consists solely of custom built housing.

Location: Cornwall, UK

Heartlands - Custom build

The objective for this project was to deliver a Passivhaus scheme that is mixed tenure and which provides affordable housing for the local community.

Location: Greater Norwich, UK

Carrowbreak Meadow Passivhaus

How can we influence parishes?

How can we influence and change the attitudes of influencers at the top of the food chain?

Stephen, Local Councillor

How can we design-in social infrastructure when there is a lack of funding,
particularly in the long term?

How can the design of houses, public spaces and neighbourhoods be more innovative?

Maria, Director of local charity

How can we understand the needs of a community that does not yet exist?

How can involvement in the planning and design process be more inclusive

Martin, Planning Officer

Why did this project come about?

What are the barriers to designing socially sustainable neighbourhoods in Gloucestershire?

What do we mean by social sustainability and why is it useful?

What good practice examples are there that we can replicate in Gloucestershire?

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